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Help Your Student Improve Writing Skills

Help Your Student Improve Writing Skills

Strong writing skills are in high demand. And helping students develop good writing skills is a gift that will serve them well during their school years, at their job, and in their personal life. So, how can you help your student gain and improve writing skills? Don’t worry—there are many ways!

Read together.

Reading exposes students to a wide variety of writing styles and reinforces correct grammar and proper punctuation. Reading also expands your student’s vocabulary and way of thinking. Moreover, reading helps get the creative juices flowing. When reading with your student, highlight how the author uses words and discuss the aspects of the work, like, does the writing clearly describe people, places, things, and thoughts. For students that can already read, talk to them about what they are reading and what they like or dislike about it.

Join a writing club.

If your student is in public or private school, consider reaching out to the language arts teacher or school administrator. Many schools have writing workshops or creative writing clubs, and your student may benefit from participating in them. And if your school currently doesn’t offer any writing clubs, your interest may spark a conversation about developing one. Homeschoolers may also be able to join a writing club that’s part of a local cooperative.

Hire a tutor or purchase an online class.

If your student needs more one-on-one help than you can offer, consider hiring a tutor or purchasing an online class. Your student’s school may be able to connect you with a tutor gifted in improving writing skills. And online writing classes and workshops are available through homeschool organizations like the Home School Legal Defense Association and companies like Night Zookeeper.

Practice, practice, practice.

Like most skills, consistent practice is necessary for improvement. The more students practice writing—whether it’s a book report, a letter to a pen pal, a blog, or a creative writing project—the more they will hone their skills and find a style that works for them. Encourage your student to engage in the editing process, as well, and to receive constructive feedback as an opportunity to grow.

The ability to write well will aid your student in so many ways. Enjoy exploring the writing process together and encourage your student’s creativity as you go. Yes, there are many strict grammar and punctuation rules to learn and follow, but remember that writing also provides an outlet for creative freedom. Have fun!