Cyber charter schools are public, tuition-free schools open to all students. Cyber charter schools specialize in virtual education and deliver instruction over the internet. These schools serve all kinds of students, but especially those with aptitude for independent learning and those with special needs.

Pa.’s fastest-growing education sector

Cyber schools are not only growing in terms of student enrollment, but they are also expanding the types of virtual education they offer and tools they use. Learning at home through a dedicated online curriculum has thus become an excellent option for more and more types of students in unique situations.

More than 60,000 students

Although cyber school enrollment has been trending upward for several years, the pandemic was a watershed moment that helped many thousands of families understand the effectiveness and convenience of cyber education. Students, too, learned how capable they were of managing their own schedules and workload, and cyber school has become a popular option for self-starters.

Tuition-free and technology/equipment provided

If you’re worried about whether you can afford the “home office” setup needed for your child’s cyber education—don’t be. Most of the equipment, textbooks, human support, and other needs that cyber students have are supplied by the local school district or the cyber school in which your student enrolls.

If your children are younger (generally kindergarten to the fourth grade), you can expect to be heavily involved in your child’s cyber education. The early years require parents to play a more active role. Of course, the independence of each student will vary. Students with lengthy experience in the cyber school system may have the discipline required fully developed by their later years, but for other students, this may be a new concept and require greater parental involvement.