The Problem

  • 10,000 Tens of thousands of Pennsylvania families have only one option when it comes to their child’s school.
  • 7th Pennsylvania is 7th in the nation in education funding, but far below that in academic performance.
  • 75,000 School choice programs in Pennsylvania can’t keep up with demand: More than 75,000 tax credit scholarships are denied each year, and our charter schools can only accept a tiny fraction of applicants.
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About PennEd Today

Education changed dramatically in 2020, and it can be challenging to find the best type of school for your child. PennEd Today contains resources to empower Pennsylvania parents to find the education that allows their child to thrive. We are a team of education policy experts and parents with firsthand experience, and we want to help your family experience the best education in Pennsylvania today.

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Pennsylvania Charter Schools: A History

During the 2020–21 school year, 169,000 Pennsylvania students attended one of the state’s 163 brick-and-mortar or 14 cyber charter schools. Research shows that charter schools—and the competition they provide—play an important role in increasing student achievement, even in traditional district schools. So, what are these free public schools that…

Teaching Outside the Box

Does your student’s teacher teach outside the box? Everyone wants their child to learn—but the “how” is definitive. Children boxed in a sterile classroom for hours on a day does little for their imagination. And, unless your student’s instructors teach outside the box, countless core curriculum mandates often leave teachers…

How to Help Your Child on Their Path to Becoming an Educator

Most adults—when they look back on their school years—recall the one or maybe two teachers that made the difference in their lives. Whether giving that caring hug at the right moment or recognizing a unique skill, good teachers know how to see their students and encourage their growth—they make a…